Shu Qi Sex Scandal

Shu Qi Scandal VideoShu Qi accepted reporter’s interview at a spring banquet at Tsim Sha Tsui’s InterContinental Hotel before her name came up in the scandal. When discussed about the scandal, Shu Qi was also aware of it. She hopes that everyone will be forgiving towards them. She also pointed out all those involved, including Edison Chan, are very good artists. She expressed hope that they will return to work soon.

Edison Chan suspected of arranging for the pictures to be distributed with his permission by a PC repair technician. And this may have justify his fear of being prosecuted by police in Hong Kong, and may be the reason he tried to cut a deal with police and prosecutors before returning to Hong Kong.

As to the rumors that Edison wanted to commit suicide, Shu Qi said that everyone will feel the pressure when meeting with obstacles and asked everyone gives him some space.

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