Narrow Rolling Pantry Shelves – soluiton for small spaces

Pantry-CartsYou can squeeze in a narrow pantry pull-out, with these rolling pantry shelves. Pantry space for things like baking supplies, canned goods, and other staples has always been at a premium in apartment kitchens. Apartment kitchens also are not as thoughtfully planned out in terms of storage and functionality.

Slim carts like these are designed to help you get the most out of odd or narrow spaces, like the space between the fridge and the wall, or between a bank of cabinets and the door. Some are as narrow as 9 inches, so they can be slipped in many places.They pull out on wheels, and there’s no installation necessary at all, which makes them perfect for a rental kitchen!

Here are three slim rolling pantry shelves we found in our browsing:

Six-Shelf Pantry Rack, $99 at Improvements. 10 inches wide and 56 inches high. We like the handsome chrome!
Slim Cart, $24.99 at The Container Store. 9 inches wide and 30 inches tall. Skinny!
Slim Household Cart with Wheels, $19.99 at Space Savers. 10 inches and 32 inches tall. Small and accessible.

Do you use any rolling shelves like these? How have they worked out for you? I would love to squeeze one of these in between the fridge and countertop, but it would be a tight fit!