Build Your Muscles By Stretching (video)

Build Your Muscles By StretchingWeight-lifting isn’t for everyone. It’s hard on your joints, easy to hurt yourself, and unnecessary for toning and building muscle. Studies show that you can build muscle and tone all the extra muscle you need to stay lean, fit, healthy and active by stretching.

The human body loses more than half a pound of muscle every year, beginning at age 30. In addition, the absence of lean muscle invites fat and flab. Because muscles burn calories, fewer muscles equal greater body fat. It’s not just your body that declines. Your memory and cognitive abilities decline as a result of being sedentary. Circulation slows, arteries clog and your sex life suffers over the course of time.

Losing muscle is the fast lane to rapid aging
When you’re weak, you get tired easily and don’t feel like getting engaged in physical activities, instead spending more time on the couch. This just hastens even more muscle loss. Before you realize it, you’re looking and feeling “old” — even if you’re only in your 40s, 50s, or 60s.

If you become ill or need surgery, your body calls upon the protein in your muscles to repair itself. If you’ve ever noticed, a patient  who’s bedridden for even a few days loses noticeable muscle tone and mass. By deciding to build muscle now, you’ll have a decided advantage later.

Does that mean you have to join a gym and hit the weights? No.

Stretching Builds Muscle
These stretches do more than increase your flexibility (which everyone can use more of). They also build muscle strength, improve balance, make you more agile and graceful, and get your entire body in shape from head to toe. But they are not the ordinary stretching you see most people breezing through doesn’t do the job. Watch the workout below.