Ways to induce miscarriage

There are several reasons, such as issues of privacy, cost, or unavailability of legal adoption methods that may propel a woman who has discovered herself to be pregnant to seek one of different ways to induce a miscarriage.

When you talk of ways to induce a miscarriage, the term includes over the counter medication, other ‘herbal ways to induce miscarriage’ and even the other less recognized methods of doing so which are outside the purview of medical practice.

Many of the ways to induce a miscarriage can be actually dangerous because these are the ways adopted by a woman herself, without medical supervision.

Many of these methods of inducing miscarriage are actually illegal and should therefore be approached with a great degree of caution. It is important to remember that some methods of inducing miscarriage or abortion may be actually unsuccessful and the fetus may survive however to its and the mother’s detriment.

When ways to induce abortion have been unsuccessfully used, it has been seen that at times the child is born with birth defects or that the mother suffers the ill effects of such ill advised practices.

Some of the more primitive tribes in India are known to induce miscarriage by eating of certain foods such as carrot seeds soup or mutton marrow soup or by swallowing dried henna powder.

In western countries as well, there are several ways of inducing miscarriage that are still performed, such as ingesting excessive amounts of vitamin C, Black Cohosh and Pennyroyal that are thought to increase the chances of miscarrying a pregnancy.

Lifting of heavy weights and certain types of vigorous abdominal massage is also among the ways employed by these tribal people to induce miscarriage.

Abdominal massage to bring about a miscarriage is also practiced in several other counties such as Burma, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Even in more developed countries dangerous ways to induce miscarriage are not unheard of: the insertion of implements such as coat hangers and knitting needles into the uterus via the cervix are some of the dangerous methods that have and still are employed to get rid of an unwanted fetus.

Undergoing physical harm such as receiving injuries to the abdomen or sustaining deliberate falls are also some of the methods that are employed as ways to induce a miscarriage which, needless to say, can be extremely harmful to the woman and her internal organs.

Also very dangerous is inducing a miscarriage by taking strong medications prescribed for other ailments and many of the ways to induce a miscarriage can actually end in loss of life or other very serious consequences.