Hemorrhoids: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

anatomy of internal and external hemorrhoidsHemorrhoids, also called piles, are inflamed and swollen veins that are located in the anus and lower rectum. They are really just irritated veins. After undergoing years of irregular pressure they become so swollen they can get forced to the outside of your body. When this condition is left unaddressed and “internal hemorrhoids” grow to become “external hemorrhoids,” the misery has just begun. It goes unsaid that these veins are supplying blood to some of the most sensitive nerve endings in your body. Once they are stretched to the point of being exposed outside, where they don’t belong, the intense pain, bleeding and itchy discomfort can become agonizing.

Hemorrhoids are quite common and 50% of those who are above fifty years of age have had to deal with them. One of the first symptoms of hemorrhoids is pain or discomfort during a bowel movement. After going to the bathroom, there may be bright red blood on the tissue paper or in the toilet bowl. Another common sign of a hemorrhoid is itching or irritation in the anal region. Sometimes, this can become bothersome at night. Hemorrhoids can also cause swelling around the anus.

Once you have suffered from one bout of piles, it is very likely that the condition will reappear at a later point and will definitely happen again. There are common causes of hemorrhoids. Under pressure, the veins around the anus stretch and then bulge or swell. An increase in pressure in the lower rectum area can cause them to develop. This pressure may be caused by various factors. Straining during a bowel movement is the most common cause of hemorrhoids. Also, sitting on the toilet for long periods of time can cause hemorrhoids to develop. Obesity, dehydration, sitting a lot and eating too much processed meat, lack of raw vegetable and fruit fibers in the diet and various nutrient deficiencies are also among the root causes of hemorrhoids.

A person who has chronic constipation or diarrhea may discover that he has developed hemorrhoids. Also, people who are overweight or pregnant have a greater chance of developing hemorrhoids due to the extra pressure. As a person ages, he or she is more likely to get hemorrhoids because the tissues that support the veins of the rectum and anus begin to weaken and stretch with age.

While hemorrhoids are not usually serious, there are a couple of complications that can occur. If a person loses too much blood from hemorrhoids, it could cause anemia. This means that there are not enough healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen to the cells and thus, fatigue and weakness can occur. Another serious condition that can occur is a strangulated hemorrhoid. This is when the blood supply to a hemorrhoid is cut off, resulting in extreme pain and even gangrene within the rectum.

External hemorrhoids may form a highly agonizing condition called thrombosed hemorrhoids. This happens when blood clots happens in a hemorrhoids vein. The vein becomes painful and even more distended. The pain is at its worst when sitting or with bowel movement.

Hemorrhoids Treatments

Hemorrhoids are preventable and curable without using drugs and hemorrhoid surgery.

Occasionally, hemorrhoids can be severe enough to require a surgical procedure. If a hemorrhoid develops a blood clot within the tissue, it can be removed with a simply incision. If hemorrhoids persist or are very painful, they can be treated by rubber band ligation, or an injection to shrink the tissue, called schlerotherapy, or coagulation, where laser or infrared light or heat causes the hemorrhoids to harden and shrivel. Sometimes, hemorrhoids must be surgically removed or stapled.

Oftentimes, one can find a treatment for hemorrhoids that will relieve the pain, swelling and inflammation. Topical treatments are generally over-the-counter hemorrhoid cream or suppositories that contain hydrocortisone. There are also witch hazel wipes that will help soothe the sore area. Soaking regularly in warm bathwater ten to fifteen minutes a day can help reduce the inflammation. Also, keeping the area clean with warm water can help reduce irritation to the area.

Dry toilet paper can irritate the area and actually make the itching worse. Instead, use moist wipes or wet toilet paper that does not contain any perfumes or alcohol. To help reduce swelling and relieve pain, ice packs or cold compresses can be helpful. Over the counter pain medications such as Tylenol or Advil can help bring temporary relief also.

Dietary changes are also very important in helping prevent hemorrhoids from coming back. The most important food in your diet to help with hemorrhoids is fiber. High-fiber foods can include fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Eating these foods will soften the stool and increase bulk which will reduce the need to strain that causes hemorrhoids and makes existing ones even worse. It’s important to add fiber slowly because too much too quickly can cause stomach distress and gas.

Drinking plenty of fluids, exercising and eating correctly are some of the most common sense ways to help with hemorrhoids. If you are really concerned or in extreme pain, don’t hesitate to visit your physician. Usually, however, just by making some lifestyle changes, you can see improvements easily and quickly.

Hemorrhoids home remedies

Application of compress in the involved area can effectively give immediate pain relief. You may choose to utilize cold compress alone as well. To prepare a cold pack, put crushed ice inside a plastic container. To prevent “cold burns” wrap it with a cloth. It will take you 10 to 15 minutes until pain alleviation is felt.

Tub therapy or warm bath is another effective natural remedy for hemorrhoids. This procedure is usual for patients who had gone through rectal surgeries. The preparation is just like the usual bubble bath everybody loves to have. The main variation is that, there is neither soap nor bubble added. The tub is filled up with warm water and then you can now immerse your buttocks for pain relief.

You could also try herbal plants. As proven by specialists, these plants are harmless and effective. Witch hazel, calendula and aloe vera are some samples. Aloe Vera gel is applied locally to alleviate pain and burning sensation. Witch hazel works best in preventing bleeding which is used as a rectal suppository. Calendula alleviates pain once integrated in tub therapies.

Garlic and onions help in killing bacteria and prevent swelling. It can be utilized as an anal suppository.

Hemorrhoid formation can be prevented by regular exercises. Gastric motility is improved thru workout and it prevents stools to stagnate. Walking, jogging and dancing are basic forms of exercise routines.

Increase consumption of fiber. Fiber creates bulk and helps soften the waste materials in the body. To prevent straining, increase consumption of fiber. It can be found in wheat products, fruits such as pineapples, sweet corn and green leafy vegetables.

Sitz bath for treating Hemorrhoids

One of the best trouble-free methods to get Hemorrhoids relief is to indulge in a Sitz bath. Sitz bath is commonly known as hydrotherapy, and occasionally called as a hip bath. This treatment is recommended for minor degree hemorrhoids. The Sitz bath is a warm bath that includes immersion of the thighs or the hips within the water. A Sitz bath ought to be lukewarm, and not too hot. Appropriate temperatures for this therapy vary from 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit, or 38 to 40 degrees Celsius.

A Sitz bath can be effective for minor degrees and basic occurrences of hemorrhoids where treatment is needed, from usual symptoms such as prickling, blister, and itching. Sitz bath have long been regarded for let-up all types of anal or vaginal strain.

You can use an inflatable Sitz bath that will be connected to your sink, and present a totally controlled Sitz bath system. The technique ought to allow you with a smudge-free, steadfast continual supply of warm water.


Usually hemorrhoids are not serious, but if left untreated they can get worse. There are many hemorrhoids treatments, some of which are discussed above. For the majority of cases, hemorrhoids can be successfully treated with natural remedies or medication. In rare cases, natural or over the counter hemorrhoids treatments are not sufficient to treat the condition. If you’ve had hemorrhoids for a long time, presence of bleeding with great pain, then your doctor may suggest surgery to remove the hemorrhoidal tissue. When nothing else will work at all, then the doctor will begin to consider a hemorrhoidectomy, which does not require a hospital stay.

Rubber Band Ligations Surgery

Rubber band ligation is a common surgical approach for hemorrhoid treatment and depending on the website that you are visiting the success rate varies from fifty to seventy percent. This procedure should be done after all hemorrhoids home treatment failed, where an internal hemorrhoid is considered to be a second degree. Rubber band ligation is a day surgery procedure and as long as every goes well recovery is between three to five days.

The rubber band ligation technique has the patient lying on his or her side with their knees drawn up to their chest. The physician uses a proctoscope that is inserted into the rectum to allow room in the anal cavity for the medical tools. A pair of forceps is than used to put the hemorrhoid easier access for the Barron ligator which allows the doctor to place a small rubber band at the base of the hemorrhoid which will hopefully cut off the blood supply to the infected vein causing it to dry out and fall off.

The rubber band procedure started long time ago where Hippocrates wrote about tying up hemorrhoids with string in order to cure this horrible pain. After the procedure is over the patient goes home and is asked to not take any form of Aspirin for at least two weeks as the ingredients in Aspirin actual cause the muscles to swell and contract so the patient is told to use Ibuprofen for their pain relief.

Most medical procedures have a number of potential side effects and rubber band ligation is no different. For this particular hemorrhoid treatment there is the possibility of the elastic slipping or breaking along with pain, bleeding, anal fissure and an infection. One of the main problems with this procedure and other surgical hemorrhoid treatments is they may be eliminate the present hemorrhoid but do not prevent the growth of future hemorrhoids.

Venapro Hemorrhoids Formula

The first issue you want to research is what side results come with Venapro. If you are taking any other medications, you’ll desire to consult a doctor just before starting Venapro. If you’re pregnant, Venapro may contain some herbs and minerals which are not wholesome for your baby’s entire body. It’s most effective to start taking Venapro after you have provided birth and after you might be completed breast feeding. Hemorrhoids have grow to be so frequent and so quite a few men and women are trying to find relief. They look for quite a few distinctive formulas and some give pain relief but absolutely nothing else. You want a method that can not only offer you the relief you need, but will help you remedy your body from the hemorrhoid.

It’s vital to reside a healthy lifestyle when trying to rid your self if this disease. Simply because hemorrhoids are inflammation, you want to have as small stress as feasible. Consuming healthy foods which are higher in fiber and working out frequently are going to help you lower that irritation even with out a hemorrhoid formula. The hemorrhoid formula is going to offer you the cure and you’re going to will need to help it along with your wholesome living.

As long as you do your study forward of time, you’ll be ready for any facet effects you may possibly experience when making use of Venapro hemorrhoids method and you will be capable of see faster outcomes. Figure out all the side results so that you know what to appear for and attempt to reside a healthy way of life. Should you can do these two issues, you’ll be capable of see quick and effective progress. The relief is what you’re most worried with, but you will find other crucial items to look for so be sure that it is possible to stick to these couple of tips when obtaining ready to use Venapro.