BMW E30 in scales (build of Fujimi 325i and M3)

Bmw e30 scales
I bought these two E30 Fujimi kits from a Japanese site (along with a 911 for when I’m more skilled at kit building as it’s more detailed) after I went E30 crazy.
They took about a month to reach, a very long and worrisome month!

I started off with washing the whole kit in soapy water and painting the wheels as soon as i got it BBS cross spokes or Alpina? I always pick Alpinaclap:

I had to wait a few months to start, started with the 325i, and when I did, I had forgotten to take pictures along the way! it’s nearly the same so will take more as i do the M3.I painted the interior with acrylic paint for detail and it’s less time consuming. will need to fix some spots.

Even though this kit isn’t the most detailed, the amount of detail is still surprising.

Notice the gear knob!!:Shockked:

The kit also gives many options, like the seats(two types and a NOS bottle in this kit), steering wheels, and spoilers.

I have cut open a gap for the sun roof instead of painting it black there, will document it on the M3. will put in an acrylic sheet to replicate glass.

Will be painting the bodies in automotive paint, the 325i in “zobelbraun” to make it like the “1:1 scale model”

And LED head lights and tail lights as my special touch to it, need to change the type of LED’s and mask them so they don’t light up the bodies.

just the day before started the kit and day after getting the “1:1 scale model” I found this!