Blackoff activated charcoal removes blackheads from your face (Review)

The following are well-presented reviews by customers who have tried Blackoff blackhead remover.

Blackheads remover

Agnes O’NeilVINE: This is amazing. I was worried about taking it off because I’d seen some videos of other black masks being removed as people winced but this goes on easily and removes easily. I’m frankly surprised by other reviewers who gave it a bad review only because they put it on their eyebrows. Have they never used a facial mask before? WHO PUTS A MASK ON THEIR EYEBROWS? Anyway, this goes on thick so apply it evenly and let it dry. You’ll feel it tighten and even tingle but subtly, then roll it up from your chin. It comes off almost in one piece. And my skin felt and looked AMAZING after using it. I’m going to make this a once weekly routine.

Blackoff -remove blackheads with activated charcoal

Diana Caborion: Be careful when using this product! The instructions say to avoid eyes, but you also need to avoid eyebrows and any other hair you don’t want ripped off when you peel away the mask. It’s also irritating to the skin as it rips off all facial hair.

Eleanora: This is a very good product, and honestly makes me wonder why others pay massive bank going to spas when you can easily and more affordably do this at home! I have never had a peel off mask of any kind before, so it was a first time for me. I have severely oily skin that most products run away from or when I do try to use them they don’t work at all. Which really bites because I would love better looking skin like everyone else. Black peel off mask is exactly what it says, it is a very black color that feels like a paste when you are applying it on your face. You do need to do it evenly or it will not have that good of effect. I personally left mine on for 30 minutes as you are not suppose to peel it off until completely dry. It is best to pull off from forehead down, rather the chin up I found due to fine hairs on your face. Once you peel it off, it feels like a vinyl type material but does not hurt really at all. It should not leave any marks, redness.

Silver: It’s a good skin softening product but after three weeks of use I still haven’t seen: a reduction in acne/blackheads, less oil on the skin, smaller or reduced pore size. This item just isn’t what I thought it was.

Kara: The Black Peel made to white heads appear on my nose the next morning.